FAR-Infrared heating solutions for outdoor or open areas

Far-infrared is the healthiest radiant wave compared with others including near-infrared, simply because human beings emit and absorb exact the same length of wave. With a longer wavelength, far-infrared carries heat to farer distance.
These basic physical theories lead Warmwatcher focus on using Carbon-Fibre which only emit Far-Infrared as the heating element, to warm you where you don’t have a closed areas like Balcony, Garage, Gazebo, Patio, Pergola, Terrace etc. and, where you have high roof like Club, Dockyard, Industrial workshop, Mine, Stable, Villa …

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About us

MasonShek Foshan Electrical Appliances Company Limited is established by a team with more than 30 years of experience in electrical appliances producing and world widely marketing.

Till 2018, based on independent Design, Research & Development, focusing on outdoor heating for last decade, she had created 5 series/15 models of products with unique creativeness of utility.

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Superiority of Warmwatcher

Warmwatcher creates products with her own technologies / patents only and always. She dedicates in bringing the Healthy, Comfortable, Detailed, Harmonious and Safe outdoor life with her heaters.

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