Employee benefits 丨 Company afternoon tea, enjoy your childhood time


No matter how busy we are at work and no matter how many troubles we have, food can always hit the softest place in our hearts. Everyone who works hard for life deserves the best reward. In addition to fast-paced work, the company provides family members with happy times to relax, relax, and relieve fatigue, stimulate employees 'enthusiasm for work, and let everyone feel the warmth of the company's big family. On the afternoon of June 14th, the company launched an "afternoon tea" welfare activity for all employees.


The friends all praised the sour and sweet fruits, crispy wife cakes, and delicious egg tarts and ate them with gusto.

Delicious snacks, relaxed atmosphere, harmonious relationship, everyone's face is filled with a happy smile, and the warmth reaches everyone's heart.


In daily work, colleagues from all departments are conscientious and conscientious, working hard, and striving to be the top. This afternoon tea benefit is not only to hope that everyone can relax and enjoy the beauty of life after intense work, but also to sincerely hope that everyone can communicate and encourage each other through such a rare opportunity, and forge ahead together for the same goal!

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